Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney

New macaron cafe in town!  This might be where you will get your macaron fix if Zumbo is too far/crowded for you. And no, my macaron phase is not over yet 😉

The cafe team and owner behind Cre Asion

I love the modern black and beige finish to the small cozy cafe, with personal touches like a fleece blanket.

Carbon/ charcoal filtered water!

The macaron flavors are interesting. Some flavors, such as Miso and Plum wine, are Japanese inspired. The plum wine is akin to swallowing a shot of Japanese wine, whereas the miso is salty and personally, does not work for me. The blood orange is also refreshing and bursting with citrus goodness.

Stacking the macarons up, up and up!

Keep an eye out for the Dear Chris macaron! It is a Golden Gaytime inspired macaron and is said to be really good. I missed the last one by a few minutes 😦

Cafe Cre Asion on Urbanspoon

8 Responses to “Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney”
  1. Lil says:

    The Dear Chris macaron is amazing~ These guys are absolutely awesome. They’re so chilled and zen-like!

  2. very nice stacking of the macarons 🙂

  3. sugarpuffi says:

    love their macs but so cut that they jacked up the price 😦

  4. You really need to go back to snag a Dear Chris cause it is the bomb!

  5. They didn’t have any Dear Chris when I visited either, really want to try one.

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