The Dip at GoodGod Bar, Sydney

Its about time Foodyphile posts another entry. We have been on hiatus for too long really!! Apologies as I have been caught up in a frenzy of work, uni and assignments.

This is not to say we have neglected our tummy from delicious food.

One of the comfort food that I patronize is The Dip at GoodGod Bar. The bad-ass adventurous feel of entering into the dungeon, GOODGOD DELICIOUS FOOD (no pun intended) and the close proximity to my house make the best combinations.

The Lev’s Dawg hotdogs here are WICKED. Packed with juicy tomato salsa and chipotle mayo, the smoked kosher sausage is nestled in between hot soft bun! Easily the best hot dog outside America. At $12, it is not your average junk food but hey, I can assure you it is worth every penny.

Lev's Dawg

The Pulled Pork Nachos is scrumptious! The 12 hour smoked pork is tender and renders at each bite. Scoop it with crispy corn chips and you’ve got a winner.

Indonesians are very familiar with this snack Grilled Corn except The Dip does it better. Smothered with light cream, the corn is then dipped into a salty and spicy salt mix. Yum!

The night was topped off with a few in-house Punch jugs which are well worth the try. We also had the Southern smoke 12 hour pulled pork sandwich but I was too busy demolishing it that I neglected taking a picture of it!

Gone are sleazy greasy bar food. Sydney is welcoming more bars with good food like The Dip and that’s a change nobody is complaining about 😉
The Dip @ Goodgod Small Club on Urbanspoon

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