Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney

New macaron cafe in town!  This might be where you will get your macaron fix if Zumbo is too far/crowded for you. And no, my macaron phase is not over yet 😉 The cafe team and owner behind Cre Asion I love the modern black and beige finish to the small cozy cafe, with personal … Continue reading

The Dip at GoodGod Bar, Sydney

Its about time Foodyphile posts another entry. We have been on hiatus for too long really!! Apologies as I have been caught up in a frenzy of work, uni and assignments. This is not to say we have neglected our tummy from delicious food. One of the comfort food that I patronize is The Dip … Continue reading

St Ali, Melbourne

Brunch is as essential as any meal of the day in Melbourne and these Melbourne peeps take brunch seriously. As breakfast is coincidentally my favorite meal of the day, Foodyphile hunted Melbourne’s most popular local haunts, St Ali. It has received countless praises, accounting for the queue you would see outside this warehouse-turned-cafe-by-day. While waiting, … Continue reading

Snacking in Melbourne

During the weekend, Foodyphile paid a trip to Melbourne. BEWARE this post consists mostly of snacks and sweets to bring sunshine to the dreary cold winter!  🙂 A perfect start to our snacks attack is to go on a macaron frenzy! Foodyphile gave Luxbite a go. They have an interesting take to the classic macarons. … Continue reading

Umami, Sydney

Living in the city, one would think I’d be spoilt for choices to eat. Truth is there are only a few places that I would frequent and often come back to. One such place is Umami on Bathurst Street. Nestled in between a convenience store and a chinese restaurant, this tiny Japanese place is often … Continue reading

Charlie and Co, Westfield Sydney

By now, the nation is swept by the idea of Heston Blumenthal’s “perfect” 4.5 pages long cheeseburger recipe, thanks to last night’s Masterchef episode. The quest of finding the most mouth watering, juicy meat and fluffy bun is a never ending one. This is evident in the recent Burger Wars by TimeOut from which Neil Perry … Continue reading

Ryo’s Ramen, Crows Nest

Winter is officially here in Sydney. If you are out there braving the cold, clutching tight to your coats and scarves, you are not alone 😉  Hang on tight and think of something warm, “nourishing” and squiggly. Yes, I am talking about the ever popular hole-in-the-wall ramen house up North. Ryo’s ramen has become a … Continue reading

Orto Trading Co, Surry Hills

Orto Trading Co originates from the brains of Anne Cooper, Louise Hunt and Chris Low from Redfern’s popular brunch spot Baffi&Mo. The name is inviting all by itself, “Orto” means “vegetable garden” in Italian. A vegetable garden nestled in Surry Hills? We’re sold! The glass bistro is warm and cozy, with sprouting herbs in recycled metal … Continue reading

Porteno, Surry Hills

One of Foodyphile just turned a year older and thus we decided to venture to Porteno after hearing rave reviews about it. Another establishment by the marvellous Bodega team (Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz!) and 8 hour wood fired suckling pigs, how could we not go? It took us a while to find the place but … Continue reading

Black Star Pastry, Newtown

The name Black Star Pastry by Christopher Thé is no stranger to the sweet tooth out there! For me, Black Star is synonymous for a dose of happiness, sugar coma and chocolate love. Chocolate and caramel tart is the perfect concoction and marriage! Add fleur de sel on top, and voila you get a chocolate overdose … Continue reading