Umami, Sydney

Living in the city, one would think I’d be spoilt for choices to eat. Truth is there are only a few places that I would frequent and often come back to. One such place is Umami on Bathurst Street. Nestled in between a convenience store and a chinese restaurant, this tiny Japanese place is often … Continue reading

Revolver, Annandale

I have always been a huge fan of lazy brunch mornings. Falling leaves, soy latte, poached eggs and newspaper. Being a true breakfast lover, I have unabashedly and shamelessly exhausted every list of brunch places possible. I am also particular discerning when it comes to breakfast. I have a few favorites to which I would … Continue reading

District Dining, Surry Hills

Mum is in town and I decided to have a nice lunch with her. 🙂 The new kid in the block is the establishment District Dining by Warren Turnbull, owner of two-hatted chef Assiette. The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed with windows, fresh lilies and wooden high chairs. The best seat in the house by … Continue reading

Ms. G’s, Sydney

Yes, Foodyphile finally ventured to Victoria St to try out this relatively new talk of the town by Merivale. Duo Lotus chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu took Asian dishes with a modern twist. Ms.G’s is notoriously known for its long queue. We waited for 2 hours to get a table on a Saturday night. … Continue reading

Bodega Tapas, Sydney

Hello peeps! Foodyphile apologizes for the long hiatus devoid of posts! Nevertheless, we are back in Sydney ready to excite our palate (and yours!) with new culinary destinations. Sydney has been buzzing with new establishments, Cotton duck by Jared Ingersoll and Ms.g’s by the Merivale Group just to name a few. Bodega Tapas, Spanish for … Continue reading

Cafe Sopra at Waterloo, Sydney

What makes a combination of an old warehouse chock-a-block full of fresh ingredients and a light-filled cafe above it? That is Cafe Sopra at Waterloo, the original cafe has been so successful that it has opened 2 other branches at Potts Point and Walsh Bay. The Italian Fratelli Fresh vegetable and fruits store below also … Continue reading

Kazbah at Balmain, Sydney

I’ve never been a breakfast type person, I know its terrible. But, sometimes, I crave for just a relaxing morning, good coffee, good food and good friends. Just gather around and just chat what has been happening in their lives. I’ve got several recommendations to try out the Moroccan Restaurant, Kazbah, located in Balmain, Sydney. … Continue reading

Phở at Xiclo Chatswood, Sydney

Phở pronounced “fə̃” has always been one of my favorite dish since I have been growing up in Australia. If you have not tried Phở before, I would recommend you to try some! Try the basic beef ball if it is your first time, then if the taste suits you, I would recommend the Raw … Continue reading

Bourke St Bakery, Sydney

How can a sausage roll be so good? The guys at Bourke St Bakery, Surry Hills, surely have perfected the technique in making the perfect sausage roll. For me, the perfect sausage roll, has to have the crispy and light pastry on the outside, and on the inside, the filling has to be moist and … Continue reading