St Ali, Melbourne

Brunch is as essential as any meal of the day in Melbourne and these Melbourne peeps take brunch seriously. As breakfast is coincidentally my favorite meal of the day, Foodyphile hunted Melbourne’s most popular local haunts, St Ali. It has received countless praises, accounting for the queue you would see outside this warehouse-turned-cafe-by-day. While waiting, … Continue reading

Revolver, Annandale

I have always been a huge fan of lazy brunch mornings. Falling leaves, soy latte, poached eggs and newspaper. Being a true breakfast lover, I have unabashedly and shamelessly exhausted every list of brunch places possible. I am also particular discerning when it comes to breakfast. I have a few favorites to which I would … Continue reading

Vans Cafe, Perth

Yes, I am in Perth now for a quick gateway and the first thing I did was to visit my favorite cafe- Vans Cafe. This cafe has been opened for a fair bit of time and it surely hasn’t lost its customers. I went in today and it was still packed as usual. Good food … Continue reading

Cafe Sopra at Waterloo, Sydney

What makes a combination of an old warehouse chock-a-block full of fresh ingredients and a light-filled cafe above it? That is Cafe Sopra at Waterloo, the original cafe has been so successful that it has opened 2 other branches at Potts Point and Walsh Bay. The Italian Fratelli Fresh vegetable and fruits store below also … Continue reading

Kazbah at Balmain, Sydney

I’ve never been a breakfast type person, I know its terrible. But, sometimes, I crave for just a relaxing morning, good coffee, good food and good friends. Just gather around and just chat what has been happening in their lives. I’ve got several recommendations to try out the Moroccan Restaurant, Kazbah, located in Balmain, Sydney. … Continue reading