Quick Bali Trip

Hi peeps! Foody just got back from Bali for a quick culinary and relaxation trip. A 2 day trip, consisting of suckling pig, suckling pig and more suckling pig. Many people claim that Bu Oka located at Ubud Prefecture to have the best “Babi Guling” or suckling pig. But, the lack of flavour have made … Continue reading

Dutch East Indies

Hi fellas! Sorry for the long lost updates! Well here it is, an entry that will explain the upcoming cookbook that one of the foodies are currently doing. The cookbook will be called “Dutch East Indies” a cookbook that will be about Indonesian cuisine concentrating on four major cities of Indonesia, starting at the capital … Continue reading

Food photos for the week!

To wrap up the week, these are some food pictures to start the weekend! Happy chomping!

Five Ways, Paddington

Got to say the truth, I have no food entries for now 😦 But, got to keep the post going right? 😀 So, today’s post is a coverage of an area which I love. An area that fulfills my need either to have a coffee by my self or just to take some photographs. This … Continue reading