Daeji Bulgogi – Korean Spicy Pork

I will die from Cholesterol if I don’t stop eating pork belly, but what can I do? I love it! Here’s another one of my favorite ways to cook pork belly. Some of you may have seen my Babi Kecap picture in our last post, that is how much I love pork belly. Roasted, Braised, … Continue reading

Crispy Gow Gee

What is it about Gow Gee that impresses people? Is it the outer beauty that captures people’s eyes? Or is it because of how it tastes? For me, Gow Gee is comfort food. I grew up eating this, my nuclear family would make this for Sunday lunch and the filling changes all the time. Ranging … Continue reading

Chocolate Cheese Crepe with Grand Marnier Creme Anglaise

I have been into crepes for a while now, ever since I was still living in Indonesia, good 15 years ago. Fellow Indonesians, remember D’crepes? That used to be the only crepe joint in Indonesia, it was a hit, a mix of savory and sweet tantalizing crepes. But once I moved to Perth, my crepe … Continue reading

Creme Spaghettini ala Kani

During my last trip back to Japan, it was a trip with a purpose. A purpose to expand the knowledge of cooking and eating. My sister took me to this Japanese Pasta restaurant located in Shibuya. Restaurant is quaint, underground and would become unnoticeable if you’re a tourist. The first word that came out of … Continue reading

Saucijzen Broodjes

Saucijzen Broodjes is Dutch for Sausage Rolls! Let me proclaim to the world- I LOVE SAUSAGE ROLLS! I have also been making sausage rolls ever since I could cook. Experimenting with different types of ingredients, even vegetarian sausage roll or even SPAM sausage roll (It wasn’t that bad actually, just very very salty. I bet … Continue reading

Literally “Bubble Tea”

Imagine if you could have the texture of a caviar, that burst in your mouth feeling, but instead of the taste of proper caviar, it would be apple & vanilla, lemon, orange or anything that you want? Ferran Adria, Chef of El Bulli discovered this method of suspending any liquid by its self. He started … Continue reading

Squid Ink Linguine with Broccoli Cream Sauce and Egg

Whoever hates broccoli when they are little kids clearly has not tried this recipe yet. This recipe is inspired by the infamous Buon Ricordo’s Fettucine al tartufovo , with a twist. I have used squid ink linguine instead of plain fettucine and added broccoli to it. The marriage between runny egg yolk, cream and broccoli … Continue reading

(Almost) Vegetarian Aubergine Burger

I’ve got to confess that, I am not a healthy person. Started my day today with instant packaged noodle and grabbed a burger from McDonald with a medium size Coke on my way home from work. For some reasons, I have an eggplant in my fridge. Weird. Got to be my mum who purchased it … Continue reading

Black Sesame Tang Yuan (汤圆) with Ginger and Pandan Syrup

Today, I was shivering and sneezing from the cold weather when I had a sudden craving for black sesame tang yuan (汤圆) that I just had to satisfy. This Chinese delicacy is made from glutinous rice flour and filled with sweet black sesame paste. Other fillings may be walnut paste, chopped peanuts or red bean.Back … Continue reading

Singapore Chicken Rice

Tonight for dinner, I’ve decided to cook the infamous Singapore Chicken Rice because I’ve been craving for this since last week and cooking it has just got to happen! It took me a good year to figure out how to make my perfect Chicken Rice. When I say my perfect Chicken rice, it has to … Continue reading