Quick Bali Trip

Hi peeps! Foody just got back from Bali for a quick culinary and relaxation trip. A 2 day trip, consisting of suckling pig, suckling pig and more suckling pig. Many people claim that Bu Oka located at Ubud Prefecture to have the best “Babi Guling” or suckling pig. But, the lack of flavour have made me to go searching for better ones, and I’ve found it!

The suckling pig is served in many styles of dishes, the norm way is called “Nasi Campur” it consists of Lawar, chopped coconut meat mixed with green bean, chilly and seasoning, Chilly Paste, usually green chillies are used for this condiments and it can be very hot, a warning to the first timer. Plencing, shaved long bean cooked with a little bit of coconut milk. Pork and Fish Satays are usually served too and yes! cracklings!

Nasi Campur at Pak Dobiel


Pak Doebil located at Nusa Dua is one of the best places for Nasi Campur in Bali for me. It beats Bu Oka by a mile! Everything is tastier and the pork is so juicy and has a very neutral aroma to it and this is partly due to  that they raise their own pigs.

Second must go restaurant is Naugty Nuri’s Ribs located at Ubud. Remember all the hype about Tony Romas and their ribs? Nuri’s beat most ribs I’ve tried. Don’t expect massive slab of ribs, but expect finger licking sauce! Its amazing!


6 Responses to “Quick Bali Trip”
  1. sugarpuffi says:

    wow look at that piggie on the spit…my mouth is watering

  2. woah…that’s a whole lotta pig right there. Cracking, here we come!

  3. Food Porn-er says:

    Did you know the men sit theree and spin the roast pig on a spit for 3 hours straight?!

    Can’t believe you didn’t rate the bu oka! Crackling and that special sauce was amazing.

    But will have to try Pak Doebil at your recommendation when i go back!

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