Snacking in Melbourne

During the weekend, Foodyphile paid a trip to Melbourne. BEWARE this post consists mostly of snacks and sweets to bring sunshine to the dreary cold winter!  🙂

A perfect start to our snacks attack is to go on a macaron frenzy! Foodyphile gave Luxbite a go. They have an interesting take to the classic macarons. Flavors such as Rose & Lychee, Chocolate Freckles, and Kaya Toast.

Foodyphile and a few sugar-addicted friends bought nearly all the flavors. Pretty colors! Nevertheless, it boils down to these 4 favorites.

Luxbite Macarons

From Left to Right: Kaya Toast, Watermelon Yoghurt, Heilala Vanilla Creme Brulee, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Kaya Toast: Reminiscent of my Singapore days with a refreshing coconut hit. There is even a tiny bit of butter dollop sandwiched in between the kaya jam!

Watermelon Yoghurt: So yummy! Additional creative factor with the additional black sesame on the pink side of the meringue.

Creme Brulee: Caramelized bits and crackle and luscious creamy custard

Peanut Butter and Jelly: MY ABSOLUTE FAV! Then again I might be biased what with my unabashed love to lick peanut butter out of the tub.

The macarons slightly lack the crunchy meringue that comes with good quality macarons. I personally prefer Lindt macarons for its creamy ganache and crunchy yet chewy meringues. However, Luxbite wins points in creativity.

Another macaron stop was at Cacao in GPO. It was voted Melbourne Best Macaron 2010.

Personally, I feel it lacks the excitement of Luxbite but really good filling with more depth of flavor.

Strawberry and cream macaron

Walkers Doughnut for $1! Fresh fried and filled with hot jam.

Walkers Hot Jam Doughnut

As if there is not enough sugar in the system already, these Sour gummies from the Lolly Shop kept us going!


Spicy cheese popcorn is the bomb. They should introduce this flavor in cinemas 😉

Lord of the fries with Napoli Sauce! Pasta sauce, cheese and potatoes all in one.

Lord of the Fries with Napoli sauce

So readers, what are some of your favorite snacks in Melbourne?

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Walker's Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

Lord of the Fries on Urbanspoon


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