Umami, Sydney

Living in the city, one would think I’d be spoilt for choices to eat. Truth is there are only a few places that I would frequent and often come back to. One such place is Umami on Bathurst Street. Nestled in between a convenience store and a chinese restaurant, this tiny Japanese place is often ignored.

I am particularly partial to their lunch bento set. Choices include teriyaki beef, teriyaki salmon, beef bulgogi (slightly Korean here). My personal favorite is the teriyaki beef bento box.

Teriyaki beef bento box

Teriyaki beef, side dish of potato croquette, chicken karaage piece, adegashi tofu, rice, salad and miso soup in a set ($11.90).

The teriyaki beef sauce is sticky sweet and so comfortingly good. It tastes like it has been floured and lightly fried. The potato croquette is crispy with creamy potato mash dotted with chopped carrots. The chicken karaage is coated with golden brown batter and drizzled with mayo. The adegashi tofu turns out to be slightly too cold though.

Nevertheless all these make up for such a satisfying lunch Β  πŸ™‚


73 Bathurst Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9267 587

5 Responses to “Umami, Sydney”
  1. Pierre says:

    Wow, at that price and all my favourite stuff they put in their bento, I’d definitely go there every week. Craving for croquette right now.

  2. Love potato croquettes. Interestingly, I had one in a breakfast the other week. Goes real well with poached eggs. Gooey goodness!!!

    • foodyphile says:

      Woah potato croquettes and poached eggs together are one step up from hash browns and eggs. Sounds like a killer yummy carbo-laden goodness!

      -Helena @ Foodyphile

  3. Rambalac says:

    “adegashi tofu” doesnt exists as in Japan as in the world

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