Food photos for the week!

To wrap up the week, these are some food pictures to start the weekend!

Happy chomping!

Sundubu jjigae at Cafe Cya

BEST Ox-tongues at Koh-Ya!

Chay Taw Kway at Straits Malacca

Beef Ribs at Pancakes on the Rocks

Roti John at Chef Gallery

Cafe Giulia

La Renaissance macaron

Wagyu Pho at Lotus Story, Olympic Park

Best scallion pancakes! at Chinese Fast Food Cafe, Ashfield

Braised Wagyu with Brocolli Mash at Baroque, The Rocks

Babi Kecap (Sticky braised pork belly) Homemade

Death By Chocolate Cookies, Homemade

Cafe C'Ya on Urbanspoon

Baroque | Bistro Bar Patisserie on Urbanspoon

Malacca Straits on Urbanspoon

Chefs Gallery on Urbanspoon

Cafe Giulia on Urbanspoon

Koh-ya Sydney on Urbanspoon

7 Responses to “Food photos for the week!”
  1. Julie says:

    hello happiness look at that pork belly T___T *dies*

  2. lifeis2munch says:

    that wagyu pho looks like it’s da bomb in today’s weather…

  3. Alisa says:

    Heaven would be a cup of hot steamed rice and that babi kecap! I need to make that one soon. delicious!

  4. Gianna says:

    Oh so much deliciousness in this post! I do love the photos, mad skills!!

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