Orto Trading Co, Surry Hills

Orto Trading Co originates from the brains of Anne Cooper, Louise Hunt and Chris Low from Redfern’s popular brunch spot Baffi&Mo. The name is inviting all by itself, “Orto” means “vegetable garden” in Italian. A vegetable garden nestled in Surry Hills? We’re sold!

The glass bistro is warm and cozy, with sprouting herbs in recycled metal pots and rusty garden shed tools adorning the walls. I love the collection of flowers in glass bottles hanging from the ceiling. Certainly renders the feel of a vegetable/flower garden 🙂

Foodyphile came with Stephanie from FluffyMakan for a Saturday lunch. The food were plated up on wooden serving boards, akin to the ones in District Dining. And oh boy are the portions here large!

Yellow flowers in vases!

First up is Cured meat, prosciutto, pork and rabbit terrine with croutons. The terrine was dotted with little chopped pistachios and dates. As it was not as rich as a normal pate, I could still manage to eat it with the crispy croutons. The prosciutto was silky and so addictive!

Cured meat platter with pork and rabbit terrine

Cured meat platter

The other entrée is British inspired- Scotch egg with housemade sausage. Encased in minced meat, the egg had the most gorgeous bright orange color yolk. The outer skin was crispy and the yolk was just lovely! A must order.

Scotch Eggs

Onto the mains, Guinness and beef stew, winter vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. The beef broke with the slightest touch of your fork. That’s how tender it was! Break off a piece of the pudding, eat it with the beef smothered in the stew sauce. Crispy, soft and hearty. However, I was disappointed to report that we gave up after the pudding disappeared. The beef stew just became too heavy to have by itself. Wish we could have asked for more Yorkshire goodness.

Guiness Beef Stew

The Quinced glazed duck was plated up with a plethora of purple cabbage, grapes and hazelnuts. The whole ensemble reminded me of the wineries I often went to as a child. Personally, this dish was overly sweet for me. The duck meat could come across as being bland and tough too due to the lack of sauce. I, nevertheless, found pleasure in nibbling grapes drizzled with olive oil. Teehee.

Waiting to be delivered to our table 😀

Quinced Glazed Duck

The side Potato batons with chilli salt is perfectly fried and seasoned. *licks off salt from fingers*


Two thumbs up to the house grown herbs in their backyard! All the mint leaves, parsleys and herbs found in the dishes were all grown in Orto’s backyard- freshly picked and served on your plates. How awesome and sustainable is that idea 🙂

Herbs Garden

39 Waterloo St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
0431 212 453

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10 Responses to “Orto Trading Co, Surry Hills”
  1. Gorgeous shots! I love the generous serving sizes here 🙂

  2. sugarpuffi says:

    wow food looks awesome! and i love the look of that beef stew. so hearty yet so colourful and vibrant!

  3. What a great place- especially the hanging glass bottles! Nothing beats the scotch egg though 🙂

  4. i really enjoyed my meal at orto! we almost ordered the beef but opted for the pork shoulder and it was amazing! the rhubarb brule was excellent too….

    you didnt get the popcorn truffle – or maybe that could be just a dinner thing? they were gooodddddd

    • foodyphile says:


      Yea, there are two menus, lunch menu were different to the dinner menu. We were looking forward to the pork shoulder too! but, yea, it wasnt available during lunch time..

      Popcorn truffle?!?! sadly, it wasnt there too 😦 Will try the dinner menu next time 😀

  5. this place certainly seems to be talk of the town amongst the food bloggers at the moment. wish list check 🙂

    • foodyphile says:

      Hi Simon!

      Despite the lure of taking pictures at lunch, I really think the dinner menu is much more enviable than the lunch menu. No icecream in the dessert menu for lunch! Give it a go 🙂

      -Helena @ Foodyphile

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