Crispy Gow Gee

Crispy Bottoms!

What is it about Gow Gee that impresses people? Is it the outer beauty that captures people’s eyes? Or is it because of how it tastes? For me, Gow Gee is comfort food. I grew up eating this, my nuclear family would make this for Sunday lunch and the filling changes all the time. Ranging from sweet ginger beef to even, just veges. Veges, one thing that isn’t up my alley, so usually, I have some absurd reasons not to be at Sunday lunch. Freshly made Gow Gee skins would be rolled out individually and it isn’t that hard to do actually. Just water, a tad bit of vegetable oil, flour and salt. But since we are living in 2011 and hundreds of pre-made wrapper skins are available, why waste time? For some special occasions, yea probably I would do it but other than that, the premade ones just tastes pretty delicious.

Gow Gee comes in different forms, the ones I had at Chef’s Gallery was rolled up with each end wide opened but the norm usually comes in this half moon shape, and the half moon shape for me is the best because it holds in all the moisture and juices given out by the filling during cooking. Absolutely Delish! Filling has got to be juicy and tender and flavorsome. Seasoning is very important in this particular dish due to the plain wrappers.

Da' Fillin.

Here’s my recipe!

Ingredients, Serves 100 dumplings. Freeze them!

3-4 packs of Premade ROUND Gow Gee wrappers. 30 sheets of them in a pack.

1kg Pork Mince preferably with high fat content (Usually from Chinese butchers)

Half medium sized Chinese Cabbage, chopped finely.

A bunch of Green Onion, chopped

A bunch of Corriander, chopped

3 Cloves of Garlic (minced very finely)

Thumb size Ginger, finely grated

2tbsp vegetable oil

3tbsp sesame oil

3tbsp light soy sauce

1tbsp white pepper powder

1tbsp salt

1tbsp white sugar

1tsp chicken stock *if you have any*


Soldiers, get into your positions!

1. If your wrappers are frozen, then move it to your bottom fridge 24 hours prior using it. I would not suggest defrosting it fast on the kitchen top because it tends to be watery and ruins the whole pack.

2. Mix all your ingredients into the biggest mixing bowl you have at home and mix it well. Use your hands! Use a glove too if you don’t want sesame oil smell to linger for the next couple of days!

3. Once mixed, let it sit in the fridge for an hour and while its marinating, prep your wrappers.

4. Get a baking tray or two, line it with cling wrap or aluminum foil or even better, baking paper! Put two table spoon worth of flours on top of the paper to prevent your Gow Gee sticking.

5. Two tablespoons of flour into a bowl and mix it with water to make your “Glue.” Not too runny guys.

6. Take out the filing from the fridge and lets start. Peel one wrapper from the stack and put it on top of your left palm flat. Using a spoon, scoop about half a table spoon worth of filling into the middle of your wrappers. Dip your finger into your “Glue” and paste it on the ring of the circle.

7. Hardest bit, the wrapping. Fold the wrap into half while having your left hand’s index finger in the middle of the two sides of the wrapper that’s about to meet. Your right index finger should be in front of your left index, but on the outer skin. Lift your left index while your right index, are pulling it downwards. Push your left index so it is about half way on top of your right index’s fingernail and now bring your right index finger on top of your left index and push it down. Do it about 3 creases and also, press down each end to prevent leaks! This will create the overlap creases! Hard huh? It is, but keep on trying! You’ll get there 😀 If this doesn’t work out, then just start with no creases at all.

8. Dip the bottom of the Gow Gee into your dry flour on your baking tray and line em up! Freeze em!

Cooking Method

3/4 Way!

1. Find a pan that has a lid on it.

2. Heat up your pan, medium heat and add some vegetable oil, not too much.

3. Add your Gow Gee and let it sizzle for a while.

4. Add water to the pan, covering about 3/4 of the Gow Gee and close with the lid. Make sure, the pan isn’t too hot otherwise it will catch when you put in your water. Be careful.

5. Medium Heat and cook it until the water dissapears and you are left with this golden brown crust on the bottom. Use your skillet to go around the side of the pan and break the stickiness.



2tbsp Chinese Black Vinegar

3tbsp Chilli Sauce

1tbsp Sesame Oil

2tsp Sugar

1tsp Light Soy Sauce

Have fun in trying and let us know how it tastes!

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