Revolver, Annandale

I have always been a huge fan of lazy brunch mornings. Falling leaves, soy latte, poached eggs and newspaper. Being a true breakfast lover, I have unabashedly and shamelessly exhausted every list of brunch places possible. I am also particular discerning when it comes to breakfast.

I have a few favorites to which I would constantly crawl back to. One of them is Revolver at Annandale.

Revolver oozes with coziness. With a wooden ladder straddled against an antique shelf, the table beside it has always been my favorite spot.

Foodyphile is also crazy about caffeine and Revolver brews some good soy latte!

Today, I decided to go with the Pulled pork, rocket and caramelized onion sandwich. It is one beautiful beast! 🙂

I have a rule of thumb to always order one (or more!) sweet dish- Hot cakes, ricotta and berry compote to balance salty dishes in breakfast. Revolver serves one of the best hot cakes in town, better than Bills I must say. The hot cakes are crispy on the outside with a major fluffy factor inside. The berry and ricotta servings are generous, just how I like it to be! This leaves me on a sugar high all day.

Adorable Hello Kitty sandwiches by the cashier counter! What an evil trick to coax the little kid in me to buy one.

The cafe can get pretty busy in the weekends so make sure you come early to snag a spot  for some hearty breakfast!

291 Annandale Street
Annandale NSW 2038
9555 4727

Open Daily 8am-4pm

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2 Responses to “Revolver, Annandale”
  1. fluffy says:

    the baked eggs there are good!

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