Black Star Pastry, Newtown

The name Black Star Pastry by Christopher Thé is no stranger to the sweet tooth out there!

For me, Black Star is synonymous for a dose of happiness, sugar coma and chocolate love.

Chocolate and caramel tart is the perfect concoction and marriage! Add fleur de sel on top, and voila you get a chocolate overdose with a sharp taste of saltiness to cut through that rich chocolate. For the chocolate lovers out there, this is your dope 😉

Rose Macaron is divine. It felt like I was swallowing a rose (in a good way). Fragrant, it has the slightest hint of a fruity flavor. It was a refreshing taste after the chocolate tart.

“Save the earth.  It’s the only planet with chocolate.”  -Author Unknown

Have a good week ahead peeps! 🙂

Black Star Pastry
277 Australia St
Newtown 2042

Black Star Pastry on Urbanspoon

6 Responses to “Black Star Pastry, Newtown”
  1. sugarpuffi says:

    omggg look at that caramel oozing out…*drools*

  2. i wish this cake shop was closer to where i lived. although it’s probably a good thing it isn’t. i really like their watermelon rose cake 🙂

  3. betty says:

    ive always wanted to visit this cafe, i hope i get to one day (i live out west and hardly go into the city!)

  4. OMG and WOW! Look at that caramel oozing out! totally awesome!

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