Five Ways, Paddington

Got to say the truth, I have no food entries for now 😦 But, got to keep the post going right? 😀 So, today’s post is a coverage of an area which I love. An area that fulfills my need either to have a coffee by my self or just to take some photographs. This place brings a lot of memories of Europe, the buildings, the texture of the buildings and just the amazing terrace houses. Its a little gem in Sydney and for you who haven’t been to this place, I suggest you visit this patch of Sydney.

This place is also packed with cafes, amazing boulangeries such as Sonoma and La Gerbe D’or, Thomas Dux *an amazing grocery store*, and many other restaurants. It completes my expectations of how a place should be, you eat about, you have coffee and you do your groceries. So, today, I was just bored and decided to go to Five Ways by my self and just to take photographs and a cup of latte.

Hope you enjoy these photos 🙂 and if you haven’t visit this place, do it soon and am sure you will love it too! Also, the next suburb up, Woollahra, is also an amazing small suburb. The renown Victor Churchill butcher is there too! Haute Butcher!

Have a lovely week peeps!


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