Warung Tekko, Jakarta

A trip back to homeland is not complete without a trip to Warung Tekko, infamous for its Iga Penyet or smashed fried beef short ribs. Served with sambal or chilli, the chilli intensity ranges from mild to extra hot. I took up the challenge to an extra level by ordering the extra and oh boy is it spicy!

Grilled over hot charcoal then fried, the meat is deliciously moist but also charred with crispy bits of fats and tendons. Indonesians certainly outdo the others for their sambal. Fried onions dotted the sambal, adding an extra crunch to the chilli.

Another one of my favorite is Tahu Kipas or fried stuffed beancurd. Fresh shrimps, mushrooms and carrots encased in a crispy outer shell of beancurd. How can that possible go wrong? Scrumptious and bursting with flavor!

This is bakwan jagung or deep fried corn fritters. Crispy with fresh corn kernels! By now, I was already groaning with happiness and a full belly. A definite yes for an authentic Indonesian food experience.


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