Vans Cafe, Perth

Yes, I am in Perth now for a quick gateway and the first thing I did was to visit my favorite cafe- Vans Cafe. This cafe has been opened for a fair bit of time and it surely hasn’t lost its customers. I went in today and it was still packed as usual. Good food served with good service. Atmosphere is also nice, just people chilling and enjoying their amazing food.
The menu changes according to the season, which I think, is a must to all restaurants. It uses the very best ingredients according to the seasons. At Vans, we ordered Handmade Chips with Aioli, Pink lamb wellington with minted pea puree and goat cheese mash and Harvey Fillet of beef served with Polenta chips.

Lamb Wellington, seared lamb wrapped in prosciutto and wrapped again with pastry. Pastry is perfect, lamb is moist even though it could be more on the pink side, goat cheese mash was amazing and minted pea puree cuts the richness very well. Overall, a very good dish. Bravo!

Vans make some amazing handcut and handfried chips I must say. It is crispy and mash potato-like on the inside. A must try.
Harvey Fillet of beef. Beef was cooked to perfection. We ordered Medium Rare, it came out pristine! Jus was tasty, but it could do with some more refinements. Polenta Chips was amazing. It melts, it crumbles and its so delicate!
Afterwards, just across from Vans, theres also one of my favourite coffee shops. Cimbalino. Cimbalino originally started in the suburb of Dalkeith but now, they got a couple of shops opened across the city.
My preference is the Cottesloe’s shop. Latte made to perfection. Its creamy, slides down your throat and the house blend is lovely too. Sweetness is visible, aroma is well developed and the blend is very well balanced.

Vans Cafe

1 Napoleon Street

Cottesloe WA 6011

(08) 9384 0696

Vans Sidewalk Cafe on Urbanspoon


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