Phở at Xiclo Chatswood, Sydney

Phở pronounced “fə̃” has always been one of my favorite dish since I have been growing up in Australia.

If you have not tried Phở before, I would recommend you to try some! Try the basic beef ball if it is your first time, then if the taste suits you, I would recommend the Raw Beef Phở (My Favorite) and don’t worry about the scary “Raw Beef” introduction to your delicate soup, because, the hot soup will eventually cook your beef to perfection, giving it the smoothest and most tender beef you will ever want. And for the last choice, I would say, you should try Special Beef Phở, this consists of many offal such as, tendons and tripe. If these sorta internal organs are up your alley, then this would be the Phở to be ordered during your next visit to a Phở parlour.

Today, I decided to go to Xiclo Vietnamese Restaurant, in Chatswood, Sydney and ordered their Special Beef Phở. I recommend Xiclo for people who always wanted more flavors out of their stock.

This restaurant makes a hell of a stock. The soup is amazingly intricate but very delicate at the same time. This goes the same to Phở or Thai’s Boat Noodle. The taste of the stock needs to have that rich pork and beef flavors through it with a hint of herbs which includes ginger, cinnamon and many other herbs. I assume, to get the rich consistency, the stock would need to be cooked for hours!

Now I am craving for one!

Xic Lo on Urbanspoon


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