Literally “Bubble Tea”

Imagine if you could have the texture of a caviar, that burst in your mouth feeling, but instead of the taste of proper caviar, it would be apple & vanilla, lemon, orange or anything that you want?

Ferran Adria, Chef of El Bulli discovered this method of suspending any liquid by its self. He started with Pea Ravioli with no pasta skin. It was just floating and it has this very thin skin that would hold its content but once you put it into your mouth, it would just burst out. POPPP!

This is my first attempt on making a dish using two agents : calcium chloride and sodium alginate.

Its seriously fun and give it a shot guys! You can get these two agents from Essential Ingredients or order it online.


For the tea mixture:
3 tsp Loose Tea (Your Preference)
325 grams water
5 tbsp Sugar
3 grams food grade sodium alginate (approx. 1 tsp)

For the bath:
1500 grams cold water
10 grams food grade calcium chloride (approx. 2 tsp)


Tea Mixture
Bring the water to a boil in a pot and put in your sodium alginate slowly to prevent clumps. Your water should thicken considerably. If there are lumps, run it through a fine sift without pushing it with a spoon. Let gravity do it.

Make a very strong cup of tea and add the sugar and stir until it has fully dissolved. Run it through a sift to get the loose leaf out of the concentrated liquid tea.

Pour the tea into the sodium alginate mixture and stir slowly until it has fully been infused. Let this cool until room temperature has been reached.

Water Bath
Use a container that is quite shallow. Preferably 23cm x 23cm x 5cm and pour the water in and also your calcium chloride and stir until it has fully dissolved. Store in the fridge for about an hour.

To make the caviar, I would put the tea sodium alginate mixture into a squirt bottle, and slowly drip the content to the water bath. Then the magic would start to happen. Scoop the caviar using a small fine sift and run it under cold water before serving.



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