Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant, Perth

Having Chinese for dinner can lead into a jaw dropping moment just even by looking at the menu size. There will be at least 50 different types of dishes and the server would come to the table ready to take your order, after only 5 minutes you have been seated. For dinner, we went to Hong Kong BBQ and started the night with Snow Crab cooked with salted egg yolk.

This is my favourite style of cooking snow crab, it is crispy, salty and theres a slight hint of sweetness to it too. The batter has crumbled egg yolk in it and also, it has onions, celery and crumbled egg yolk all over the dish. Crab is perfectly cooked, sweetness of the meat shines right through. Cracks the shell open, and meat just glistens all the way. It is not everyday that we can afford snow crab, but once financial support is right behind you, make sure to try this beast of the sea out!

Scallops, steamed with xo sauce and vermicelli. Food is about balancing flavours and this dish exactly produces such magnificent flavour. The heat and saltynes are provided by the xo sauce and the vermicelli acts as the sauce holder. The sauce has this slight sweetness to it and all of these flavours compliments the delicate texture of the scallops.

Steamed Chicken, sounds simple, but, this dish is nothing but simple. You have to order it 24 hours prior eating it. The yellow coloured chicken might help you to jump to a conclusion that the chef had used colouring to achieve such colour, but, the yellow colour has been achieved by making extreme master stock using lots of dried scallops and reduced. This chicken dish probably one of the best thing I have ever tried in my life. It is so succulent, it is salty but it wont distract your palette. The aroma of ginger, dried scallops and herbs are projected very vividly in this dish. A must try if you ever have the chance!

Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper, I was introduced to this dish a long time go by my dad and until now, we almost certainly will order this everytime we go out for a meal. Batter has to be perfect, it has to be crispy, but it also needs to cook quickly to allow the squid not to be overcooked. There is nothing worse than an overcooked squid. For me, a squid needs to be able to be eaten with such ease, it should never be tough and must always be fresh.

Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant
76 Francis Street
Northbridge WA 6003
(08) 9228 3968

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